Tell me a bedtime story

"And then a year later, we’re still playing beer pong in the same bars with your friends. Except now you feel pressure to get married and have kids ’cause you think that’s what I want."
That awkward moment (2014) dir. Tom Gormican
The octopus and catapiller at beyond wonderland 2014




Watching this (and fearing broken ankles with each loop) I can’t helping thinking about that old quote Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels.

But no, if you watch closely you’ll see she doesn’t even step on the last chair. That means she had to trust that fucker to lift her gently to the ground while he was spinning down onto that chair. That takes major guts. I’d be pissing myself and fearing a broken neck if I were in her place. Kudos to her. 

I can’t stop watching this. 

#I watched this for too long to not reblog


the dog all puppies aspire to be
he did it
he caught the tail

his face just says “what am i going to do with my life now”

His eyes convey all the shock of “I did it!… now what?”